Your Account ID is your unique player identification number.



Find your Account ID on the Welcome screen upon login.


1. Login to your Golden Nugget Online Casino account.


2. A pop up screen appears upon login, which provides your account ID.


  • Login Button

    Step 1. Login to your account at the upper right of the screen

  • Login Welcome Screen

    Step 2. The Welcome screen pop-up appears upon login and provides your Account ID to the lefthand side of the window.



To access the Welcome screen if already logged in: View Welcome Screen




Find your Account ID on email communications from Golden Nugget Online Casino & Sports.


1. Opt in to receive email communications so you can keep up with our newest game releases and promotional offerings!


2. In the top right corner of most emails, you will see your Account ID populated for your reference. 


  • Example Email

    Find your Account ID on most emails from Golden Nugget Online Casino & Sports, to the right-hand side, below the main image.