You may withdraw cash funds at any time.


However, if you have bonus funds and have not met the wagering requirements for your bonus money, your bonus and bonus winnings may be forfeited upon withdrawal of your full cash balance.


Deposit Match bonus funds have an associated Locked Cash balance, which can be seen on the Active Bonuses page beneath the wagering requirement progress bar. Locked Cash are funds that are restricted until the wagering requirement conditions are met. Locked Cash cannot be withdrawn without bonus + bonus winning forfeiture, until the wagering requirements are fulfilled. 


Bonus funds without an associated Locked Cash balance allow for your cash balance to be withdrawn without restriction, however wagering requirements must still be met to convert bonus funds into withdrawable cash funds


If you have bonus funds with locked cash and have not met the wagering requirements, you will need to forfeit the remaining bonus balance to proceed with withdrawing your full cash balance. 



  • Bonus Forfeit Withdrawal Screen

    When withdrawing, you may receive this message. Select cancel and follow the steps to forfeit the bonus in order to proceed with your withdrawal.

  • Bonus Forfeit

    Select Manage from the Active Bonuses tab to select a bonus to forfeit

  • Select Forfeit and Confirm

    Click on the (X) to select the bonus for forfeiture and confirm by selected the red Forfeit button

  • Bonus Forfeit Confirmation

    A confirmation screen will pop-up. If you would like to proceed with forfeiting your bonus, select confirm. Otherwise, select cancel.




To check your wagering requirement progress:


  1. Navigate to the "My Bonuses" section on your account. 
  2. Select the "Active Bonuses" tab to review the current status of any Active Bonuses you have claimed.


Your progress is shown in a completion bar, as pictured below.



  • Active Bonus with Progress

    Visit the Active Bonuses tab of the My Bonuses page to view the progress made on your wagering requirement for that bonus




For more information on Bonuses, visit our Bonus Forum